What are the initial steps to an amicable Family and Matrimonial property Transfer?

Where do you start when it comes to an amicable family or matrimonial property transaction – let us give you a few pointers:


    1. Check with your accountant – especially when it comes to the mode of holding of that property.  Their may be a tax reason for your property to be held in only one person’s name. EG. Asset Protection
    2. If you or your parent receive Centrelink payments with Centrelink to ensure that there will be no impact on your current Centrelink payments
    3. Check with the bank – adding or removal of a person from the title can heavily impact the way your loan has been structured.  Give your banker or the bank a call to ensure you can change the title.
    4. Some matrimonial or family transfers can be exempt from stamp duty – we can help advise on eligibility.

At Lyon Conveyancing, we are always happy to have a chat on how to transfer a property and ensure our clients can have a smooth transaction. Give us a call if you ever need any clarification on a Family or Matrimonial Transfer.

Lyon Conveyancing always here to help you with your property needs.

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